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find the right problem,
measure the right metrics,
and apply the right solution
We have substantial experience in transforming businesses using applied Data Science. We focus on recognizing where it is best to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in your processes. These solutions may include abuse and fraud detections, automating user and customer interactions or decisions, neural language processing, self-teaching analytical tools, and more.
We care about defining the right applied machine learning solution for your business
Data Storming
We know very well that understanding the business process you want to augment or automate is hard. It's even harder to make sure we extract the real knowledge. Try our innovative approach which we use to build the right conversation and paint the real picture.
Spending large budgets to build your own Data Science team is easy. Well, so they say. We know it's not. It takes enormous amounts of time and money. However, we work in short iterations to make sure we pivot quickly when necessary.
Transfer Knowledge
To make sure your business is taken care of we will share our knowledge and experience with your team, training selected team members. It will allow you to maintain the solution without hiring extra personnel.
Benefits of working with us
We have almost 15 years of experience working with data processing and data analytics projects. Before starting Intelligene we worked successfully with a number of clients, including The Coca-Cola Company, GE, Heineken, Macy's, American Bankers Association, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales, Hudson Bay Company (Saks 5th Avenue, Saks Off 5th), Boots, Homebase, Ferrero Rocher, Statoil, Carphone Warehouse, Dixons, T-Mobile, Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Porsche, Base CRM.

We aim to test our ideas and deliver solutions quickly.
Not only we will help you to explore your business processes in great depth, and understand your data resources, but we will also help your team in transforming your architecture, so it produces the right information. We have experience with large-scale data projects for companies of various sizes.

The most significant benefit for you comes at the end - after applying Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence solution, we will teach your team about how we built your project, and how to maintain it or develop it further. We already trained over 450 data scientists, who work in companies and projects of all sizes - from large corporations to startups. Why not educate your team? Imagine the productivity and creativity boost they can unleash!

How do we start?
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Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is the future. It's superior to traditional software development. However, it's tough to get this kind of projects done well. It's even harder and more expensive to find the right talents. So that's where we want to help you - just make the first step.
Find the right problem
We use a proven set of techniques for exploring and extracting knowledge of your processes and projects. We will facilitate many sessions with you and your team to find where it pays the best for you to apply Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. Whether you want to help your sales, marketing teams, business development, security or customer support - we will gladly work on the best outcomes to boost your operations.
Get the right data
You may have loads of data in silos. It may be both structured or unstructured. It may come in dozens of thousands of facts per second. No matter how you collect it, process it, or how you store it, we will help you to explore it, extract the right information and make it usable for Machine Learning. When it comes to technology, we have proven experience working with many different environments.
Build the right metrics
Having right KPIs while working with us comes as an extra benefit for you. During our projects, we will help you to find the right set of metrics describing the process in which we apply Machine Learning. We will teach models to find the right ones for you to carefully observe, as they will gain or lose value in that business operation.
Let Machine Learning Work for your Business
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